Cool Springs Wellness:
Emotional and Relational Health

Cool Springs Wellness is a place of healing for the fractured family, the lonely soul, the wounded spirit. A place where it’s safe to share the deepest and truest part of who you are, in a professional yet very real kind of atmosphere. Our approach to the work we do is multi-dimensional: We strive to treat the whole human being, mind, body, and spirit. Our staff of licensed professionals bring with them a wide brushstroke of education and clinical experience, each of us bringing a unique relational approach to healing. Individual, family, marriage, addictions, adolescents, teens…our staff of caring professionals can meet the needs of your heart. If you are in need, reach out. We’re here to help.

(This website is currently under construction and more information will be added soon. Until then, please use the phone numbers or email addresses on the therapists' pages to contact them directly.)